Protect and Manage Your Investments in a Market Controlled By Financial Elites


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Tom Fyler is a veteran of Wall Street for over 20 years working in the financial industry in Lower Manhattan. He unveils how the global financial system works to the disadvantage of everyday Americans. Revealing how to protect your assets in today's treacherous investment markets, Fyler suggests which assets and strategies can help protect your money from the "Powerful Elites" that rule the global financial system. Fyler chronicles his journey from "Wall Street to Small Street" as he advocates for everyday Americans, small businesses and family farms.


Protecting and Managing Your Assets

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Five Immediate Priorities to Investing

Are They Coming After Your IRAs/401Ks?

Currencies Are Plunging

Self-Sufficient Communities

Government Intrusion into Private Retirement Accounts

Risk Management

Get Your Money Out of Their System—and Into Yours

Keeping a Cool Head in Turbulent Times

Do You Need to Manage and Preserve Your Gold Holdings?

The American Peoples’ Revolution in Food Production and Agriculture

A "Perfect Storm" in Investment Real Estate

Protecting Assets (And the Family Budget)

The "War" Over Water
Flow of Money

Currency and Trade
A Distaste for Human Rights

The Investment Markets are Depositories for Your Money to Create Supra-Wealth for the Elites

Re-Directing IRA Funds from "Paper" to Gold (and Other Natural Resources)

Farmland Has Out-performed

Retire on Productive Farmland

Seeds of Life

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